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About Lockhart
Statistics   Government
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  Lockhart City Hall
P O Box 216
Land Area -
2.813 sq. kilometers


  • Eugene R Birge

Water Surface Area -
0.105 sq. kilometers
  Council -

  • Eloise W Judson
  • Mary F Bass
  • Marsha J Phllips
  • William Hall
  • William Phillips Jr
Location -
31.01° N 86.35° W
Longleaf Yellow Pine Park
The days of the long leaf yellow pine have passed Lockhart by, but there is a group of people in town who are commemorating the pine’s impact on Lockhart.They have turned the vacant lot which was once the site of the Dixie Hotel into a park to remember the pine.

The group, headed by Belinda Carnley of Lockhart, has also constructed several historical stations on the property. The stations contain photographs taken when the lumber company was booming to chronicle the life and times of the lumber company employees. There is a gazebo in the center of the lot and several trees have been planted.